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Heart failure is a leading cause of hospitalisation and death, and patients are currently underserved.
AnaCardio was founded based on ground-breaking research from Karolinska Institutet
  • Successfully performed a seed financing round and has additional non-dilutive funding
  • Experienced team of  heart failure experts and pharma professionals
AnaCardio has proprietary data and IP for a novel mechanism to treat heart failure:
  • Safely improving cardiac output in human heart failure with a therapeutic peptide
  • Improving contractility in ex vivo cardiomyocytes through a unique and differentiated mechanism
AnaCardio has successfully sourced a clinical stage oral peptide analogue:
  • Confirmed ex vivo increased contractility and the same novel mechanisms as the peptide
  • Initiating a phase 2 study in heart failure patients in 2022

Heart Failure – a global public health problem

2-3% of the population, ~100M worldwide

10-20% of the elderly, increasing

Progressive disease, most common cause of hospitalization

>1M hospitalizations per year in the US

>6M hospitalizations in 8 major markets

Savarese and Lund, Card Fail Rev. 2017 (DOI: 10.15420/cfr.2016:25:2); Benjamin et al, Circ 2017 (doi:10.1161) ; Go Circ 2014 chart 19-1 ; Ambrosy et al, J Am Coll Cardiol. 2014 (doi: 10.1016) ;Gheorghiade et al, J Am Coll Cardiol. 2013 (doi: 10.1016); Global Data 2019 (Report Code:GDHC189PIDR)

Unmet needs

Current chronic heart failure treatment does not target the underlying cause

  • Existing oral therapy delays progression and reduces hospitalization and death but no treatment targets impaired contractility – the underlying cause

Huge unmet need in acute/advanced heart failure‍

  • Intravenous “inotropes” increase cardiac output to maintain organ function for hours-days, but cause ischemia, arrhythmia, hypotension, and increased mortality

Heart failure patients are currently underserved and no existing treatment:
  • Effectively and safely improves contractility
  • Increases contractility without increasing O2 consumption or mortality
  • Is effective in chronic, acute and advanced heart failure

Heart Failure Treatment – AnaCardio´s Unique Solution

AnaCardio has generated PoC with peptide in HF patients…

  • Peptide treatment given iv significantly increased cardiac output in human heart failure patients by 28%
    • Without increasing O2 demand
    • No ischemia, tachycardia, arrhythmia or hypotension
  • Peptide increased contractility in ex vivo cardiomyocytes
    • Without increasing Ca2+ concentrations
    • Increasing Ca2+ sensitivity by inhibiting troponin I phosphorylation.
    • Novel MoA – explaining the absence of adverse effects in human heart failure

… and has successfully sourced an oral peptide analogue for further development

  • Molecule (denoted AC01) was confirmed to have the same effects as the peptide in ex vivo cardiomyocytes
  • AnaCardio is developing AC01 as the first treatment for heart failure that:
    • Effectively targets the underlying cause of heart failure: impaired contractility
    • Increases contractility without increasing mortality
    • Has potential in acute and advanced heart failure
    • Can be initiated in acute heart failure and transition to chronic oral use

Our concept: a novel myotrope that improves heart function

AnaCardio has proof-of-concept in heart failure patients

Physiological study in 30 out-patients with chronic HFrEF
Double-blind randomized to therapeutic peptide vs. placebo infusion over 120 minutes.
Primary outcome:
  • Difference in change in cardiac output (CO)
  • Peptide increases CO by 28% (p<0.001)
  • Normalizes heart function without increased O2 consumption, arrhythmia, ischemia or hypotension.

Unique MoA explained in murine heart model

Developing AC01 - an oral peptidomimetic molecule for HF with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF)

AC01 is a clinical stage receptor agonist with verified high potency in vitro and in vivo
  • Preclinical package allowing 28-day oral administration in humans

  • Phase 1 study performed in healthy volunteers

AnaCardio plans to initiate a phase 1b/2a in 2022
  • Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in ~80 HFrEF patients

  • Dose escalation followed by dose expansion to assess safety, tolerability, PK/PD and efficacy parameters

AnaCardio Team

Lars Lund, MD PhD
Founder Chairman of the Board

Professor and Chief of Heart Failure Research at Karolinska. World-wide expert in heart failure clinical care and drug trials

Patrik Strömberg, PhD MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Extensive biopharma R&D and BD experience. Previously Vice President, External Innovation, Sourcing & Evaluation at Sobi

Allan Gordon, MD PhD
Chief Medical Officer

Associate Professor in Cardiology at KI Heart Failure Expert Pharma and Biotech Executive in Clinical Development with experiences from both EU and the US

Marc Willuhn, PhD
CMC Director

CMC and operations leader with successful track record in product development. Global R&D management roles at Baxter Healthcare and Fresenius Kabi.

Camilla Hage, RN PhD
Consulting Clinical Coordinator

Head of Karolinska University Hospital heart failure clinical research and clinical trials operations

Ann-Charlotte Åkerblad, MSc PhD
Clinical Operation Manager

Long-standing experience from the pharmaceutical industry of managing clinical trials in different phases, leading cross-functional teams and collaborating with external service providers.

Göran Westerberg PhD, Assoc Prof
Clinical Program Director

30+ years of experience from the Pharmaceutical Industry regarding Clinical Pharmacology, Regulatory Affairs and Early Clinical Development

Johan Dighed, JD LLM
Board Member

General Counsel, Deputy CEO, Karolinska Development (lead investor)

Charlotta Poehler, JD LLM
Board Member

Managing Partner Kanter Advokatbyrå

John Öhd, MD PhD
Board Member

CEO Modus Therapeutics, CSO Karolinska Development



AnaCardio raises SEK 150 million to advance drug candidate AC01 in heart failure

AnaCardio announced today the completion of a SEK 150 M Series A financing round, co-led by Flerie Invest AB (Flerie) and Industrifonden. 3B Future Health Fund (3BFHF) joined Flerie and Industrifonden to complete the round together with the founding investor Karolinska Development AB and current investors Fredrik and Ann-Helene Ljungström. The raised funds will be used to conduct the planned phase 1b/2a clinical trial and pave the way for future development of AnaCardio´s lead asset AC01.


AnaCardio exercises option to license a program in heart failure from Helsinn


AnaCardio raises SEK 33 million for development of a novel therapy for heart failure


Karolinska Development’s portfolio company AnaCardio strengthens its organization to facilitate clinical trial of the drug candidate AC01 in heart failure.


AnaCardio has appointed Patrik Strömberg as Chief Executive Officer effective as of September 1, 2021.  Patrik joins AnaCardio from a Vice President role at Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (Sobi), and he has a strong background and successful track record from business- and pharmaceutical development. He holds a PhD in biochemistry from Karolinska Institutet and an MBA from Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University.


AnaCardio completes seed financing round with Karolinska Development AB (Nasdaq Stockholm: KDEV) as lead investor. According to the announcement (linked below), Karolinska Development AB (Nasdaq Stockholm: KDEV) has acquired approximately 21 percent of the shares in AnaCardio AB.

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